Connections - DD/ID Residential

What is Connections?
Colonial Behavioral Health's (CBH) residential service, Connections, is provided to adults with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, in order to assist individuals with living independently in the community to the greatest extent possible.  Based on individual need, instructional activities, support, and supervision are provided to help persons improve the quality of daily life and promote recovery, independence, clinical stability, and community integration.

How does Connections work?
For adults with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, CBH provides intensive supervised residential services. CBH owns homes in the local community where individuals can reside and receive overnight care. Skills training services and community supports are provided by CBH based on a person-centered plan that is developed with the individual, family, and provider team. Wellness, support, and safety preferences are incorporated into the planning process. Admission to this program requires a Medicaid Waiver plan.

Who may benefit from this service?

  • Adults with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, who have a Medicaid Waiver.

What services are provided in the program?
Residential Services may include the following based on individual need:

  • Functional skills training to promote independent living
  • Supervision to ensure the individual's health and safety
  • Assistance with personal care and use of community resources
  • Monitoring health and physical conditions
  • Medication management
  • Staff supervision

Click here for the Residential Services brochure.

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