Opportunities Unlimited - Day Support

What is Day Support?
The Day Support program provides personal, social, and behavioral skills training for individuals with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, in order to help them improve the quality of their daily lives. Through skills assessment and person centered planning, the Day Support program strives to facilitate self-empowerment, community integration, and independent living.

How does Day Support work?
There are two types of Day Support: Center-based, which is provided partly or entirely in a single location with other individuals with disabilities, and Non-center-based, which is provided mostly in community settings to include volunteer sites, supervised employment enclaves, and recreational activity sites.

Transportation is available through Colonial Behavioral Health's Transportation Service or arrangements can be made for transport by a private provider.  Participation in services is based on the individual's preferences.

Who may benefit from these services?
The target population for Day Support is persons age 18 and older who have a diagnosis of developmental disability, including intellectual disability and no longer attend public education. Program participants must be able to maintain their personal health and safety, respect the property of others and benefit from services within an average of a 1:5 staff to participant ratio. Program participants must maintain an average weekly attendance of 2 days for continued program admission.

What services are provided in the Day Support program?
Day Support offers planned, structured services and supports in many areas. The following are examples of services provided:

  • Functional training in self, social, and environmental awareness skills
  • Functional training in sensory stimulation and gross and fine motor skills
  • Functional training in communication and personal care
  • Functional training in the use of community resources, community safety, appropriate peer interactions, and social skills
  • Functional training in learning and problem-solving skills
  • Functional training in adapting behavior to social and community settings
  • Assistance with personal care and use of community resources
  • Supervision to ensure the individual's health and safety
  • Staff coverage for transportation of the individual between training and service activity sites
  • Opportunities to use functional skills in community settings

What are the fees/funding for the Day Support program?

  • Individuals interested in participating in the Opportunities Unlimited program must have an ID/MR Waiver, Day Support Waiver, or DD Waiver slot.

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