Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)


Colonial Behavioral Health, Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is an organized service that provides multidisciplinary team treatment following a planned, structured regimen.

The PACT Team serves only those individuals who have a serious mental illness with severe symptoms and impairments and have not benefited from traditional outpatient services.

PACT is consumer-centered and recovery-oriented and has received substantial empirical support for facilitating community living, psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery.

The PACT team is mobile and delivers services in community locations that are comfortable and convenient for individuals served. Community-based services are designed to enable individuals to live in their own home and to find and maintain work in the community.

Admission Criteria

PACT is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have:

  • A diagnosis of a severe, persistent mental illness
  • Significant challenges with integration in the community

High needs due to:

  • Prior psychiatric hospitalization
  • Multiple hospital admissions
  • Persistent major symptoms (e.g. suicidal, psychotic)
  • Co-occurring substance abuse disorder
  • High risk or recent history of criminal justice involvement
  • Ongoing difficulty meeting basic survival needs (e.g. housing)
  • Inability to participate consistently in office-based services

Exclusion Criteria

Individuals who meet one or more of the following are not eligible for PACT services:

  • Have a diagnosis of personality disorder without a major mental illness
  • Have a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury or dementia
  • Meet detention criteria and have not enrolled in PACT previously
  • Need 24-hour supervision

The PACT Team

The PACT Team works together to ensure each individual is maintaining stability in the community. The Team includes:

  • A Psychiatrist who is available as often as needed to ensure individuals maintain stability in the community;
  • Psychiatric Nurses who provide basic medical assessments, health education, and health care coordination; administer medications and conducts psychiatric assessments;
  • Licensed Therapists who are responsible for working with each individual in the program to monitor progress. Ensure all PACT staff are courteous, helpful and respectful of individuals in the program;
  • Case Managers who coordinate each individual’s care;
  • Vocational Specialists who help each individual with seeking, securing, and retaining jobs;
  • Substance Use Disorder Specialists who provide substance use assessments, treatment planning, and services for individuals who have a substance use disorder and mental illness; and
  • Peer Specialists who are or were receiving mental health services and are able to provide essential first-hand knowledge to the team and support to the individuals served.


Services provided by the PACT Team may include:

  • Managing medications
  • Finding safe housing
  • Getting and maintaining employment
  • Scheduling and assisting with keeping medical and dental appointments
  • Meeting individuals in their home for psychiatric and nursing visits
  • Teaching and assisting with independent living skills
  • Opportunities for socialization
  • Support for resuming education
  • Assistance with obtaining legal and advocacy services, financial support, money management services, medical and dental services transportation, and other supports in the community

Click here for the PACT brochure.

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