Guardianship of an adult is appointed when Circuit Court determines a person is “incapacitated” and unable to make decision on his or her own behalf. The person appointed by the Court to make decisions for the incapacitated adult is referred to as a “guardian.”

The Guardianship Navigator is available to existing guardians of incapacitated adults to provide support managing the needs of their loved one and the responsibilities that are required of guardians. Additionally, the Guardianship Navigator can provide information about the guardianship process, support the proposed guardian along their journey, and explore least restrictive options if available.

Funded by the Williamsburg Health Foundation, the Guardianship Navigator is a regional initiative and is available to residents in James City County, City of Williamsburg, York County, and Poquoson.

To learn more about the Guardianship process and how to seek assistance from the Guardianship Navigator, visit:

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