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CCC Plus

6/19/2017 10:00:00 AM

On August 1, 2017 your Medicaid insurance plan may be changing.  If so, starting on this date you will be enrolled in a new Medicaid program called “CCC Plus,” which stands for the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Program. At this time your current health insurance coverage will stop and your new insurance program will begin.

If you are impacted by the CCC Plus implementation, Medicaid will be sending you a letter sometime around June 18, 2017 to let you know more about this new program. Please let your CBH Case Manager or Clinician know when you get this letter.

There are six insurance companies that will be providing coverage under this new Medicaid program. You will be able to choose the insurance company that best meets your needs. Those companies are:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Magellan
  • Optima
  • United Healthcare
  • Virginia Premier   

Your CBH Case Manager or Clinician will help you with this change in your insurance program if needed. They will help you find out which of the insurance companies covers the doctors that you see and provides the services and supports that you need, so you can decide which insurance program is best for you. 

After you sign up with your new insurance company, you will get a new insurance card in the mail.  Please have this with you for all of your CBH appointments, as well as any other medical appointments that you may have.

Please talk to your CBH Case Manager or Clinician about any questions that you may have about this new Medicaid program.

For more information, attend an upcoming member Town Hall meeting:

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