People’s Place Overview

People’s Place - Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services focuses on your personal strengths and potential so that you can use these in your life experiences, particularly in the community.

Groups that promote a sense of importance, ownership, and empowerment are provided to offer you an opportunity for personal awareness and growth.

A person taking steps and achieving progress

Core Groups

All groups are provided in a group setting allowing individuals to share, assist, and encourage each other while gaining and practicing knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Therapeutic Activities

  • Instructional Painting – Once a month, step-by-step instructions to create a wonderful work of art on canvas. The program allows for individuals to work towards their highest artistic potential, practice skills, and have their very own piece of art to take home. Paintings are at times displayed in the buildings at CBH for others to appreciate.
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Collages
  • Jewelry Making
  • Therapeutic Group Games
  • Superbowl Party/Activities
  • Picnics during the year
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Wellness Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
Therapeutic activities including painting and a blank canvas

Skills Training Opportunities

The Simple Eats Canteen- individuals train on the operation of a register, counting money, counting back, and making change, stocking, customer service, comparison shopping, time management, following a schedule, and sanitation skills. Individuals practice these skills by selling products in a small store type setting onsite to their peers in the program. All items are affordable and available for purchase during training opportunities.

A person in an apron inspecting the dairy section at the store

Food Handling/Sanitation Group

Offers individuals training opportunities to recognize basic cooking tools, kitchen appliances, as well as how to use them, how to read and follow a recipe, and use and practice appropriate handwashing and hygiene skills. The individuals practice cooking basic meals as the staff assists with demonstration and training to promote understanding and success.

A person scrubbing their hands in the sink