Mental Health Skill-Building Services

Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS) works collaboratively with adults, age 18 years and older, to build skills that promote self-determination and empowerment. It provides training and education to assist individuals as they work towards stability, independent living, and bettering their daily lives.

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What are some of the ways MHSS can help?

Community and Personal Interaction Skills

Individuals learn skills that help them communicate with others in a positive way whether in the community or in their personal lives. MHSS provides education on:

  • Conversational and active listening skills on the phone and in person.
  • How to ask for help, and who to ask.
  • Finding and accessing resources and activities in the community.
Personal Care and Activities of Daily Living

MHSS provides education and guidance to help individuals to care for themselves and their home. Activities might include:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Health hygiene such as washing hands and covering a cough
  • Washing clothes
  • Taking care of household tasks such as dishwashing, taking out the trash, and organizing
  • Choosing nutritious snacks and meals, and basic cooking skills.
Symptom Management Skills

MHSS works with individuals to understand their diagnoses, the symptoms they experience, and how to manage these in their day to day lives.

Understanding Medication

Medication for psychiatric and physical needs are an important focus of MHSS. Individuals learn:

  • About the effects and side effects of their prescriptions.
  • How to track and follow their current regimen.
  • When to call for refills, where to pick them up, and how to talk to their pharmacist if they have questions.
  • What to do if they have concerns and how to talk about these concerns with their psychiatric or primary care provider.
  • How to set up and attend appointments, and follow provider recommendations.
Understanding Money and Managing Finances

Individuals can become proactive in their finances by learning about what money they have to work with and how best to make it last. MHSS can provide training on:

  • Accessing benefits and using an EBT card
  • Setting up a budget and tracking expenses
  • Comparing prices and shopping economically
  • Opening up a savings account
  • Making shopping lists that focus on needs

What does MHSS do for you?