What is ID and DD?

Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Developmental Disabilities (DD) are recognized differences in individuals which are typically present at birth. Both ID and DD are large umbrella terms which covers many other disabilities.

Both terms encompass differences in multiple body parts or systems, which may impact the individual’s physical, intellectual, and/or emotional development.

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How Can I Qualify for DD Case Management?

In order for an individual to qualify for case management, they must meet the Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability Diagnostic criteria to include:

  • Testing/Evaluation that includes:
    • Date of onset
    • Summary of adaptive functioning
    • Diagnosis made by a licensed medical professional
  • Meets level of functioning assessment criteria on the Virginia Individual Developmental Disability Eligibility Survey (VIDES)
  • Demonstrates an immediate need for case management supports and linkage to services

Case Management is a Medicaid service. To be screened for case management services and the DD waiver please contact Central Access at 757-220-3200.

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Community Resources


The REACH program is specifically designed to give adults and children with intellectual or developmental disability (ID/DD) the resources and support they need in a crisis situation, so they can heal and move forward.

If you or someone you love is experiencing a psychological emergency, please contact our crisis line 24/7 at (757) 925-2484.

CCC+ Waivers

While on the DD Waiver Waitlist you maybe be eligible for the CCC Plus Medicaid Waiver managed by a MCO Care Coordinator. To request a screening - 

  • Adults - contact your local Department of Human Services/Social Services
  • Children - contact your local Department of Health

CCC Plus Waiver Guide

CCC Plus Waiver Services Definitions

Independent Housing Resources

If you qualify for the DD waiver waitlist or waiver, you may be eligible to access independent housing with supports of non-waiver funded rent subsidies.

Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP)

Assists individuals with developmental disability and their families with assessing person centered and family centered resources, supports services, and other assistance for those on the waiver waitlist.

Arc of Virginia

Statewide advocacy organization made up of people with developmental disabilities, their families, friends, and allies.