Doing Business With Us

Business Opportunities

Solicitations are posted below and on eVA Virginia's Marketplace.  No registrations or fees are required to respond to active solicitations. Vendors may receive automated notices about solicitations by registering through eVA.

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PPEA Guidelines

To learn how to submit a PPEA proposal, please review Colonial Behavioral Health's Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) of 2002 Guidelines.

Surplus Sales

CBH surplus equipment, supplies, and vehicles are sold by auction through the GovDeals Website. To view what is currently listed, visit:

GovDeals: A Liquidity Services Marketplace

CBH employees are prohibited from bidding on surplus property sold by Colonial Behavioral Health.

Vendor Confidentiality Agreement

A  vendor/contractor is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of protected information and materials in service of Colonial Behavioral Health. 

Review the Vendor Confidentiality Agreement.

Vendor Manual

To learn about general rules and regulations governing procurements made by Colonial Behavioral Health, please review the Colonial Behavioral Health Vendor Manual.

Virginia Sales Tax Exemption

Colonial Behavioral Health is exempt from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s sales taxes for the purchase of tangible goods.

Learn about Virginia's Sales and Use Tax Exemption.

Need to Contact Our Procurement Office?

General Services is available to answer questions regarding contracts or procurement.

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