What is Case Management?

Case management services are designed to assess a persons need, develop a plan of care, and coordinate services from different providers, monitor progress, and advocate for the individual. Through a collaborative process case management service offers person-centered client care beginning with individualized service plans, information gathering and ensuring that the family/individual receives the most appropriate and comprehensive services. This ongoing support in the least restrictive environment offers the individual the best possible outcome: to effectively manage their condition and improved well-being.

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Child & Adolescent Case Management Services

Children and teens ages 3 through 18 years old, who have emotional, behavioral, or developmental issues are eligible for case management services. Those who are at-risk of developing emotional, behavioral, or developmental issues may also qualify for services. These services are flexible in nature and are provided at different levels of intensity dependent on the child and family’s needs.

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Case Management Services for Adults

Case Management Services for adults provides individuals of all ages with serious mental illness the opportunity to collaborate with a caring professional who will provide ongoing support through assessment, monitoring, and advocacy. Individuals will be provided education and linked to services and resources with the goal of meeting that individual’s needs and enhancing their quality of life.

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Adult Substance Use Disorder Case Management

SUD Case Management is a service available to adults with a primary diagnosis related to substance use or co-occurring substance use and mental health concerns. SUD Case Management can assist an individual in navigating and connecting to different resources in the community, as well as to maximize the benefit they get from treatment options available to them at CBH.

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