Children's Services

Child & Adolescent Outpatient Counseling

Childhood and adolescence are a time of rapid growth and change. This can be an exciting time of self-discovery, but it can also be a time when emotions and decisions can feel overwhelming.

Outpatient counseling can help children and their families work through some of the challenges of development. Reasons for seeking counseling can include depression, anxiety, aggression, motivation, healthy-decision-making and trauma. Anything that interferes with a youth's ability to cope and thrive could be a reason to attend counseling.

In most cases, counseling is short-term, family-centered, and focused on improving the child or teen's resilience and daily functioning.

For more information about Child & Adolescent Services, contact 757-253-4074.

A therapist counseling a young girl with curly hair and in a brown sweatshirt
Adult Services

Individual Counseling

Therapy is a place to express your thoughts and feelings, to identify goals, and to figure out a plan to move forward toward achieving those goals. Your therapist will work to help you develop skills and supports in service of your goals. You are the sole focus of your individual therapy.

A personal counseling session between two women - one is a therapist and the other a patient

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an opportunity to overcome challenges and grow personally with other individuals who have shared experiences. Group therapy has a trained professional leading the discussion; however, you are an integral part of the group with valuable input that could have positive impact on others, and other group members can provide support and understanding. Group therapy is less confidential and less focused on you.

A therapy group holding hands and raising their arms together in support

Group Therapies Offered at CBH

Colonial Behavioral Health has implemented telehealth services utilizing Microsoft Teams, a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

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