Forensic Discharge Planning (FDP)

Transitioning out of correctional custody for persons with behavioral health concerns requires special attention. These challenges may be reintegrating into the community and reengaging with treatment after incarceration, Court monitoring and involvement, in addition to the need for general advocacy. “Everyone deserves a second chance, and some people only get one!”

Our trained Forensic Discharge Planners are there to work with individuals to assist them with securing appointments after jail release to continue on the path of wellness and recovery that treatment compliance gives. For individuals with chronic and persistent mental illness, this assistance may also take the form of helping reinstating benefits, enrolling with SNAP, Medicaid re-enrollment, and guidance with locating affordable housing. All of these facets are equally important in recovery.

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Court Process

Colonial Behavioral Health enjoys the value of its Emergency Services staff functioning as Boundary Spanners. Boundary Spanners are able to assist with the identification of resources when working with the Courts to provide options that are individual specific while taking into account concerns of the Court in regard to any pending charges.

Behavioral Health Services operates a number of programs and services in conjunction with the Courts to provide oversight of compliance with treatment in regard to their pending or conditional legal charges.

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