Intensive Outpatient Program

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) serves persons with severe substance use disorders to assist substance abuse recovery. The IOP is a more intensive level of service than traditional outpatient service, but is less intensive than inpatient treatment. It is also capable of treating individuals with a relatively stable co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.


How does IOP work?

The IOP provides nine or more hours of group programming per week (three hours a day, three times a week), mainly made up of counseling and education about substance-related and mental health problems. In addition, each person takes part in an individual, marital or family counseling session one hour a week and case management services as needed.


Who may benefit from these services?

The IOP is provided to adults age 18 and over and their family members. Pregnant women are given priority and are scheduled within 48 hours of referral. Other priority populations are females with dependent children, IV drug users and all opiate abusers, and individuals being discharged from detoxification facilities or inpatient treatment.


What services are provided in IOP?

  • At least nine hours per week of a mix of group counseling and psycho-educational groups
  • Family services and/or multi-family services with family members or significant others 
  • Individual counseling
  • Psychiatric and medical services through the CSB or outside referral
  • Motivational enhancement and engagement strategies, which are used in preference to confrontational approaches
  • Case management services
  • Crisis Services

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Colonial Behavioral Health's Intensive Outpatient Program is CARF Accredited. CARF Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to continuously improve service quality and to focus on the satisfaction of the individuals we serve. For more information regarding CARF Accreditation, click here.

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