What are Psychiatric Services?

Colonial Behavioral Health provides Psychiatric Services to patients after the initial intake screening and clinical consultation. Patients are then scheduled for a one-hour initial psychiatric evaluation with a psychiatrist licensed to prescribe medications. Through the course of medication monitoring in conjunction with other agency treatment programs patients are monitored for side effects, effectiveness, and, ultimately, stabilization. When clinical stabilization is achieved and no other services are requested nor prescribed, patients are eligible to be enrolled in Medication Stabilization with physician approval. (Click here for the Medication Stabilization Program brochure.)

How do Psychiatric Services work?

Patients attend routine meetings or follow-up appointments with their psychiatrist at least quarterly or as often as recommended by the physician based on the individual's needs. 

Clinic nurses assist patients by administering prescribed medications from various sources.

Who may benefit from these services?

All patients who are in need of treatment, monitoring, or stabilization with medication can benefit from compliance with Psychiatric Services.

Where are Psychiatric services provided?

  • Williamsburg Office
  • Child & Adolescent Services Office
  • York-Poquoson Office
  • Merrimac Detention Center- Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Services

What types of Psychiatric services are provided?

  • Adult psychiatric services
  • Child & adolescent psychiatric services
  • Geriatric psychiatric services
  • Psychiatric services for developmental disability and co-morbid disorders
  • Substance use medication assisted treatment and monitoring
  • Lab services
  • Medication administering
  • Patient assistance for obtaining mental health medications
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