Psychiatric Services for Children and Adolescents

What are Psychiatric Services?

Psychiatric Services provide medication management. The collaboration between the psychiatrist and therapist is key to recovery; balancing pharmaceutical intervention, insight, education; and behavioral restructuring.


How do Psychiatric Services work?

After an initial assessment, the psychiatrist prescribes medications as needed.


Patients attend routine meetings or follow-up appointments with their psychiatrist at least quarterly or as often as recommended based on individual needs. Clinic nurses monitor physical health and can assist with education about medications prescribed and prescription management.


Because it is essential to address physical and emotional needs, psychiatric services require that the child or adolescent participate in at least one other agency-based service (such as case management, intensive in-home, or outpatient counseling.)


Who may benefit from these services?

All patients who are in need of medication to assist with treatment progress, or who require monitoring or stabilization with medication can benefit from compliance with Psychiatric Services.

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