Outpatient Counseling

What is Outpatient Counseling?

Outpatient counseling uses treatment and intervention to increase the strengths and resources of each individual served. Outpatient counseling serves individuals with mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders. The program empowers individuals to build skills needed to begin the recovery process. Evidence-based practices are emphasized. Services are recovery focused and based on person-centered planning and client-directed outcomes.

Specialized groups are offered for Women's Substance Use recovery, Co-occurring groups, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Suboxone recovery, Anger Management, and others. CBH also provides an Intensive Outpatient Program for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Who may benefit from these services?

Outpatient counseling is provided to adults, older adults, children, adolescents, and their families with mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders.

Priority is given to individuals who are at risk of serious emotional disturbance, have serious emotional disturbance, or have serious mental illness; adults who present with severe substance use disorders; adolescents with substance use disorders; pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders; IV drug users and all opiate abusers.

Pregnant women with substance use disorders are seen within 48 hours of referral and IV drug users and all opiate abusers are seen within 14 days of referral. 

What services are provided in the Outpatient Counseling program?

Services in this program include:

  • Biopsychosocial Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Group, individual, family, and couples counseling
  • Care coordination
  • Consultation
  • Psychological testing (intelligence, personality, and achievement)
  • Clinical testing (ADHD, Substance use disorder, depression, etc.)

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Motivational Services

What are Motivational Services?

This program is a limited service to help individuals increase their motivation to change problem behaviors in the areas of substance use, anger management, crisis management, and acceptance of a mental health condition. To the degree possible, the services integrate the concepts of recovery, self-determination, and empowerment.

Who may benefit from these services?

Services are for people with mental health and/or substance use behaviors of concern.

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